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investment management

Financial Report

J Beaver Investment Advisors primary investment strategy is strategic asset allocation.


We utilize a global investment strategy to create customized, diversified portfolios with the goal of providing less volatile, risk-adjusted returns in a long term, tax effect manner.  The core of our asset allocation approach is structured with low-cost index ETF’s (exchange traded funds).


We understand that larger investment losses can derail your future lifestyle and retirement goals.  We structure portfolios in an attempt to minimize losses and maximize gains.  Our goal is to take no more risk than is needed to achieve your retirement needs. 


We provide investment management that is customized to your, unique situation.


We will have discussions about your:

  • Goals

  • Objectives

  • Values

  • Desires

  • Tolerance for risk

  • Financial needs

  • Time Horizon

  • Tax situations

  • Personal needs

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